The European SOciety for COmputer Preservation

The European Society for Computer Preservation

Why becoming a member ?

To help us in preserving old computers.
To come at the fairs, exhibitions and shows with us.
To help us in our huge work in cataloging of documentation.
To cover the costs of this website, of the exhibitions, of the equipment and spares for the restoration.
To give some of your time to restore old babies.
To spend some of your time with a bunch of vintage addicted sharing opinions, informations, lifestyle.
To attend the wonderful Esocop dinners :)
To proudly show the European Society for Computer Preservation Membership card to your friends !

How much does it costs to become a member ?

There are three types of members:

Normal members: Annual fee is CHF 50. You will receive the Membership card via snail mail and the newsletter with the upcoming events of the Society and all the news!

Honoray member: No annual fee is due. The Shareholders' Meeting does nominate any Honorary member. It is not possible to ask to be an honorary member!

Active Members: They are the ones who works for the Society. Share theyr computers with the others, cover the costs of the association. Please Contact us! to request to become an active member.

How to become a member ?

- Come and visit us in one of the events in which we partecipate and exhibit old computers. You can sign the modules and give the annual fee directly on site!
- Come to our main site in Chiasso (Ticino), Switzerland, sign the modules and give the annual fee to our administrative staff.
- Fill in the member form in this page and Donate the annual fee to the Society!

Please note: we will review any submission and we reserve the right whether to accept a new member.