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European Society for Computer Preservation NEWS:

December 2017. Esocop did save a General Electric GE120 from 1969. Together with the Italian no profit associations Miai and MusIf we did a crowdfunding and succeded in recovering the big old computer from destruction. Our people gone nearby Sankt Gallen in switzerland several times to organize the recovery. Then, after the successfull crowdfunding a couple of big trucks with 8 persons from ESoCoP, Miai and MusIf took the 3 tons old baby towards its new house, in Cosenza (Italy). 2000 km far away. A team of several experts has already started in restoring it, the goal is to let the GE120 work again within a year.

Sunday, 26th November, 2017 Esocop will be in Florence, Italy, at the Firenze Vintage Bit. Esocop will introduce the event, dedicated to the 30th birthday of the Amiga 500. We will exhibit some Amiga 500 and rare perypherals. We will also show the only existing prototype of the Amiga Walker, created in 1996, the last Amiga.

The weekend of 18th and 19th November, 2017 Esocop will be in Zurich, Switzerland, at the Vintage Computer Festival. Esocop will make an exhibition called "Olivetti: The desktop revolution". There will be a Programma 101 from 1965 (The first desktop computer in history), a P6060 with basic and integrated twin 8" floppy disks from 1975 , the first Olivetti modern desktop (M20 with PcOS from 1982), one of the 5 existing prototypes of M22 portable from 1986, and the first portable and iperportable Olivetti (M15 from 1987 and M10 in 1983) to the world known M24 (first DOS desktop by Olivetti in 1983).

The 7th of November, 2017 the new Esocop website is live!

The 8th of October, 2017 Esocop will be in Brusaporto (Milan, Italy) at the "Brusaretro 2017" 11th edition. Esocop will make an exhibition called "Weird CP/M". There will be a Commodore 64, a Commodore 128D, an Amstrad CPC6128, An Epson PX-8 a Xerox 820 and maybe others, all running CP/M Os.

The 11th of June, 2017 Esocop will be in Vicopisano (Pisa, Tuscany, Italy) at the "Vicoretro 2017" hosted by the Vicoretro' Cultural Association. Esocop will exhibit the history of Atari from 8 to 32 bits. Starting from KIM-1 and VCS to Falcon 32 through the 400, 800, xl, xe and ST series. Moreover a monographic about Jay Miner's machines, together with an Amiga 1000. We will also have a stand for the Vampire 68080 Amiga project

The 4th of June, 2017 Esocop will be in Martigny (Valais, Switzerland) at the "OufParty 4" hosted by the Old Computers and Consoles Club (OCCC). This event is about the history of Commodore, and The European SOciety for COmputer Preservation will exhibit the following Commodore rarities: Commodore 65, Commodore VIC 1001, Commodore Max Machine and the Commodore 64 Goldene Edition. The event will last Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th but Esocop's stand will be open only on Sunday the 4th.

13th and 14th May, 2017 Esocop will be present in Turin at "A Bit of History" event hosted by MuPin (Museo Piemontese dell'informatica). We will make an exhibition called "From Altair to the Triad, the desktop revolution". There will be the Altair 8800, the IMSAI 8080, the MOS KIM-1 and the triad computers: Apple II, Commodore PET 2001 and Tandy Radioshack TRS80 Model I. We'll tell some stories about the 1975-1977 era, the beginning of the desktop revolution.

29th October, 2016. Esocop will be present in Zurich @ Vintage Computer Festival making an exhibition called "History of Amiga". There will be the Hitoro Joyboard, the first Amiga product and the Amiga Walker, the last Amiga Technology prototype. In between Amiga 3000 Unix (Amix - Amiga Unix System V), Amiga 2500/30, Amiga 1000 with the A1060 sidecar and A1020 FloppyDisk, and realtime demo coding and live assembling on Amiga 1200 by our friends RamJam.

2nd October, 2016. Esocop will exhibit in Brusaporto (Bergamo, Italy) a lot of Very rare Commodore 8 bits in the Brusaretro ( retrocomputer fair. There will be a Commodore 65, one Commodore 64 Gold, a VIC 1001, The Ultimax Max Machine with the full original software collection and a Commodore PET CBM II P500! Come and see!

5th June, 2016. Esocop has been present at Vicoretro' in Pisa - Italy , sunday 5th. Esocop was present showing an Amiga 3000 Unix, with the original Amix package from Commodore, the HiToro Joyboard with the first Amiga logo ever and the only existing working prototype of the Amiga Walker, turning it on while preseting the Walker to people. Photo of the event on the right side, or scroll down on smartphones.

27th May 2016. Esocop will be present at Retroacademy in Rovigo, sunday 29th. In this happening it will be presented officially the new book sponsered by Esocop: Corso completo di programmazione assembler in due dischi. Download Freely from the Book site.

7 April, 2016. RETROQUOTE.ORG public live. The site hosted and realised by ESoCoP as a free service for the Community: The Database of retrocomputers sold with prices and conditions. Every retro item has a quote now.

2/3 April, 2016. ESoCoP was present in Rome at Retrocomputer Club Italia meeting in Rome with: Apple III, Apple IIe, Apple IIgs and Apple IIc.

18 March, 2016. The first pre-release of the ESoCoP website is live!!!

5 March, 2016. ESoCoP made the first event in Milan, Italy. We were present at the BITStory. ESoCoP did two speeches (about linking altair to C65, and about Phreaking and Hacking in the '80), and exhibited the Altair 8800 and the Commodore 65. Both computers has been powered on and demonstrated to the public. It has been a great success!!     

December 2015. ESoCoP is born! In a long meeting nearby the wonderful Lugano Lake, Six retrocomputer passionates, coming from Switzerland, Deutschland and Italy decided to create the European SOciety for COmputer Preservation!