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April, 5th 2021

The European SOciety for COmputer Preservation presents:

ESoCoP and Friends

In Covid ERA many of the exhibitions planned in southern Europe has been cancelled. Despite of the progresses against the pandemic, most of the events is still cancelled for 2021.
That's why we decided to host the second release of a virtual Event called ESoCoP and Friendsi II LIVE from our warehouse in Italy, and LIVE from different friends associations sites in Italy and Switzerland.
This event will be in Italian language only, and it will start at 15.00 CET (Gmt+1) of Monday 5th April 2021.

No public will be admitted, as for Covid-19 emergency restrictions. The whole event will be streamed LIVE in our Facebook page and in a lot of Facebook grups, associations, and You Tube Channels. It will also be available both on YouTube and Facebook later for offline watching.

Thanks to our friends who enthusiastically decided to partecipate: MIAI & MusIF Museums, MuPIn Museum, Laura Tellini Museum, Vernimark, Pianeta Commodore, Apulia Retrocomputing, Giorgio Rutigliano, Bit Old association, RetroCommodore.
In the event we will talk about stories. Vintage computer related stories. Personal stories. Showing prototypes, talking about weird and wonderful things that started the information era.

The program:

“Welcome e introduzione” - Stefania Calcagno e Sergio Gervasini (ESoCoP - Lugano)
"Nascita del concetto di personal computer" - Alessandro Giangregorio ( Associazione Apulia Retrocomputing, Bari)
"Creatività prima della CPU" - Marco Vernillo (Vernimark, Milano)
"Modem! Modem! Modem!” - Sergio Gervasini (ESoCoP - Lugano)
"Il social di Papà" - Giorgio Rutigliano (South Italy BBS - Potenza)
"Commodore 64 & Co." - Stefania Calcagno (ESoCoP - Lugano)
"Do Re Mi Fa Sol La... SID" - Andrea Poltronieri e Fulvio Ieva (Museo Piemontese dell'informatica, Torino)
“Un vecchio gigante addormentato: il GE120” - Emiliano Russo (MIAI/MUSIF - Verde Binario - Cosenza)
"Piccoli, grandi computer" - Stefania Calcagno (ESoCoP - Lugano)
"Osborne 1, dalla genesi di BitOld all'autografo di Lee" - Maurizio Candito (Associazione Bit Old, Colleferro (RM))
"Calculator Wars in Japan" - Massimo Belardi (Museo del Calcolatore Laura Tellini, Prato)
“Commodore 65: Storia di un computer mai voluto” - Carlo Pastore (RetroCommodore, Roma)
“Saluti finali ed arrivederci” - Sergio Gervasini & Stefania Calcagno (ESoCoP - Lugano)