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This is a simple listing of the equipment we preseve actually. Just scroll down and browse for Category or Producer.


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Models in Database for Category: Monitor

Apple 2 C LCD Display
Apple 2 C Original Dispaly
Apple 3 Original Display
Apple AM2010 Apple ][ Green Phosphor Monitor
Apple AM2010P Apple ][ Green Phosphor Monitor
Apple LC Monitor
AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor M0401Z
Applevision 1710 Color Monitor
Macintosh Portrait Display
Commodore 1084S
Commodore 1084S-P
Commodore 1701
Commodore 1702
Commodore 1802 Color Monitor
Commodore 1802D
Commodore 1901
Commodore 1960
Amiga 1081 Monitor
Amiga Multisync Monitor M1438S
Commodore 1084S-D2 Black Monitor or CDTV
SANYO DM 5912CXC Monitor
Atari SM124
Atari SM125
Atari SM144
IBM 5151 Monochromatic Monitor
IBM 5153 Colour Monitor CGA
IBM 6091 19" Color display
IBM PS2 Color Monitor
HP 82913A Monitor
Digital Monitor VR 201
Radioshack TRS-80 Video Display
Olivetti Cicero PD101
Olivetti Personal Computer Monitor
Olivetti Prodest MC1400 Color Monitor
Olivetti Prodest Monitor MM 1202
Olivetti Prodest Monitor MM1200
Samsung MDA Monitor model SM-12ss39a7
Amstrad CTM 644 Colour Monitor
Amstrad GT65 Green phosphor monitor
Schneider CTM640 Colour Monitor
Philips Personal Monitor CM8833

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