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Models in Database for Category: Other Hardware

Apple Lisa Mouse A9M0050
Lisa keyboard model A6MB101
Commodore 1351 Mouse for C64
Commodore 1750 512k REU RAM Expansion for C128
Commodore 1764 256k REU RAM Expansion for C64
Commodore 6499 Adattatore telematico Videotel / Teletel
Commodore A10 external speakers
Commodore ChessMate
Commodore CP/M z80 Cartridge for Commodore 64
Commodore IEE Modem V.21 (300 Baud) model 8010 for PET
Commodore Magic Voice (Voice Synthetizer for C64 and C64sx)
Commodore Modem 1200
Commodore VIC 1020 VIC20 expansion chassis
Commodore VIC 20 Paddles
Koala Pad - Touch tablet for Commdore 64 by Audiolight Inc. - Koalapainter
Personal Peripherals Super Sketch Tablet for Commodore 64
Suncom Animation Station Design Lab (Computer Design Pad) for Commodore 64
VicModem model 1600 for Vic 20 and Commodore 64 with VicTerm
A1050 Amiga 1000 256k RAM cartridge
A1200 8MB RAM / FPU /RTC
A2058 2 to 8 MB Expansion for A2000
A2065 Ethernet Card
A2088 Amiga 2000 PC Emulator Kit
A2090 Disk Controller (MFM+SCSI)
A2090A Hard Disk Controller (MFM+SCSI)
A2091 Disk Controller
A2232 Seven (7) Serials Card
A2286 Bridgeboard 80286 AT
A2288 Bridgeboard 8088 XT
A2300/A2301 Genlock Card
A3640 68040/25 Board for A3000/4000
A501 512K expansion for Amiga 500
A601 1 MB Chip memory expansion for Amiga 600
Alfadata HandHeld Scanner for Amiga
Amiga 1060 Sidecar PC for Amiga 1000
Amiga 14400 Fax Modem
Amiga 20000 AT Emulator Kit
Amiga A501 Ram expansion for A500
Amiga Joyboard
AT-BUS 2008 Alfa data IDE controller for Amiga
Blizzard 1220 Turbo Memory Board for A1200
Blizzard 1230 IV Turbo Board for Amiga 1200
BSC Multiface Card 3 - Multiserial & parallel card for A2000/3000/4000
CD 1301 Genlock video card for Amiga CDTV
CDTV to SCSI interface
Commodore CD1200 CDTV trackball transmitter
Cyberstorm MK II 68060 Accelerator Board
Cybervision 64 64 bit Graphics Accelerator Board
DigiView Video digitizer
Emplant Apple Macintosh emulation Hardware Zorro Board
GVP Scsi controller Impact A2000-HC+8 Series II
ISDN Master Zorro II Card
Multivision 2000 VGA card for Amiga 2000
Profex Ram extension SE 2000 (Sidecar 2MB Ram expansion for Amiga 500)
Syntetic Sound, sound digitizer
Sinclair Micro AM Radio
Timex 16K Ram expansion for Timex Sinclair 1000
Nintendo NES Zapper Gun
Pioneer CLD 2600 Laser Disc Player
Pioneer CLD 7000 Laser Disc Player
Pioneer LD 700 Laser Disc Player
Pioneer Video Art graphic tablet
Atari 850 Interface module
Atari Gun for XE systems
Atari Portfolio Smart Parallel Interface
Atari XM 301 Modem with XE Term
Emagic Log 3 Midi expander for Atari ST
Universum Compumate Basic Module for VCS 2600
Aquarius 4K Memory Expansion
Intellivision Computer Module
Intellivision Music Syntesizer
Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module
Intel Inboard 386/PC for IBM PC XT
Data Terminal 2382A
HP Mouse HIL Bus 46060A
Digital VT 100 Terminal
Digital VT 101 Terminal
Digital VT 102 Terminal
Digital VT 131 Terminal
Digital VT510 Terminal
Olivetti Editor 100
Olivetti MC10 Acoustic Coupler Modem for M10
Olivetti PTP 820
Data General Dasher D2 Terminal
Data General Dasher D200 Terminal
E&L instruments Ltd - MT-80Z The fox
Epson Ram Disk Unit 120 for PX-8
Hazeltine 1500 - Fides FT203 terminal
Lear Siegler ADM 3A Terminal
Microsoft Mouse
Newbury Laboratories LTD Terminal 7003/Z80 with Captronix Label
RCA VP 3300 Interactive Data Terminal
RS Coupler, acoustic modem. For Apple II, TI994/A, C64, IBM PC and Atari 800
S.D. Systems Z80 Starter Kit
Teleprint VT-5700 Terminal
Teletype ASR 33
Texas Instruments Grillo Parlante
Texas Instruments Grillo Parlante Piu'
Texas Instruments Silent 700 terminal
Tiara Arcnet LanCard Network Interface Card
US Robotics 56K Fax modem "white"
US Robotics Courier Dual Standard Modem
Visual Technology visual 200 terminal
Z80 Starter Kit 1978 SDS
Amstrad MP3 Tv Tuner
Vtech 16k Ram expansion for Laser 110

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