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The European Society for Computer Preservation

This is a simple listing of the equipment we preseve actually. Just scroll down and browse for Category or Producer.


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Models in Database for Category: Printer

CBM 6400 dot matrix printer
Citizen 2 color computer printer for Vic 20
Commodore 1520 Color Printer Plotter
Commodore MPP-1361
Commodore MPS 1200 Dot Matrix Printer
Commodore MPS 1270A Inkjet printer
Commodore MPS 1550 C
Commodore MPS-801
Commodore MPS-803
Sinclair QL-1000 Printer
Sinclair ZX Printer
Atari 1029 Programmable printer
Decprinter 1
Olivetti DM 290
Olivetti PL10 Printer Plotter for M10
Centronics 739
Roland Sketch Mate Plotter & cutter

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